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Where do you find the next phenomenon? Where do you look, how do you look, how will you know when you’ve found come across the next new thing? Good questions all but for me the key is to actually be seeking in the first place. I call it being opportuned, that is being tuned for opportunities. Everywhere I go I’m looking, questioning and challenging. I’m begging to be because for me, the motivation is the inspiration. I want to be inspired. Do you know the feeling I mean? That moment when something really surprises you, when you say, WOW, why didn’t I think of that, that’s so clever, so original, so new. Newness is scarce. It exists on the frontier and doesn’t look anything like you think it should. I remember hearing the story of the African leader who gave Naomi Campbell a bag of uncut diamonds and she nearly threw them away because she didn’t recognise them for what they were. She was more familiar with the diamonds sold in Tiffany’s than little grubby rocks passed over in a drawstring canvas bag.

In my quest to be an inspirer, I’m a rummager for inspirations. Ideas, actions, events and most importantly, people who do new and incredible things. I thought you might be interested in some of the things which have inspired me of late, some of the places I like to hang out and get my weekly fix of inspiration juice.

I hope you too find a spark in some of the sites here. Please, if you’ve been inspired, I’d love you to share where what and why with me and our community here.


This is just a great site to hang out on – there is so much original content here. I particularly love some of the out there photo-shoot series, the luxury trends and pretty much the whole thing. “Visually spectacular and engaging” says John Battelle of WIRED and I agree.




Thankyou WaterThankyou Water

How great is this? (wish I’d thought of it). Thank you water is a new brand of bottled water (nothing new so far) which gives 100% of its profits to fund water projects in developing nations in Africa and Asia. The purchase of just a single bottle of water is enough to provide clean drinking water to one person for a least a month in the developing world.



Tim FerrisTim Ferris

Everyone knows Tim Ferris right. The content he puts out across the social media landscape is just phenomenal and, all that in just 4 hours a week. This video is pretty intense and shows Tim Talking about how to create a global phenomenon. If you watch it all you’ll note he references Kevin Kelly’s article, 1000 True Fans which is definitely worth a read and you can get it from here...




A well known destination for deep wide and expansive inspiration. I’m sure you know it already but if you don’t, then you’re in for a series of very special experiences. A favourite presentation I watched just recently is by Chris Anderson, “How web video powers global innovation”. He talks about a phenomenon he refers to as “Crowd Accelerated Innovation”. Pretty amazing, check it out here...


Do you have a something which you find inspirational which you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about it. Post your inspiration and a link below.


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